l_aafc25e24faa400f870313a1904c3ed7This blog is the digital manifestation of my professional interests relating to the entertainment industry and intellectual property law.  I have worked in the entertainment industry for the past 1o years and have recently earned  a law degree with a concentration in entertainment and intellectual property law.

I was first introduced to the entertainment industry when I began promoting for local bands in Evansville, IN.  Despite being only 16, I had already taught myself several web design techniques.  Due to my understanding of new technology, I was able to help bands exploit the MP3 phenomenon in the mid 90s long before most artists realized the value of providing fans with free content online.

In addition to providing promotional services for bands, I began hosting music events and dance parties.  I have continued this practice over the past 10 years and have thrown well over 100 events including a weekly that ran for 2.5 years.  I have hosted events all over Indiana including premier venues in Indianapolis such as Talbott Street, the Melody Inn, Seven, Tru, and Therapy Nightclub & Lounge.

I graduated from Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis in May 2007.  I earned a total 25 credit hours (nearly 1/3 of all of my credit hours in law school) in intellectual property and entertainment law.  Having studied copyright, trademark, contract, entertainment, and international law,  I have a very well rounded knowledge of legal issues relating to the entertainment industry.

In May 2010, I was licensed to practice law in the state of Indiana.  I currently operate a boutique law firm in Indianapolis.

For more information about me, please visit my resume.

-JP Gold

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